Undressed Laptop Could be First Quad-core Lappie on the Planet

Photo-0038tn.jpg See those shots right there. The guys at Techwarelabs claim they're "spy shots" of Intel's first quad-core notebook. They're not the most flattering shots around, but if the pics don't do it for you, maybe the specs will.

According to TWL, the laptop will come with a 17-inch LCD and two Nvidia 8800 video cards. There will be room for dual hard drives (up to 160GB each) and you'll also get Intel's 975 chipset. Again, you should take this with a grain of salt, but I do admit, it would be nice if these shots were the real deal. Although I have no clue what kinda battery would be needed to power this monster.

Spy Pictures of Quad-Core Enabled Laptop and Details [TWL via i4U]

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