Rumour: Logitech's Upcoming Mini Media Center Keyboard Revealed


A reader claims he just participated in a survey for a wireless remote from—probably from Logitech—that looks like it's in the final design stages. The tipster claims the keyboard is probably going to be branded either the "Slice", "Keymote", or "Digital Living Keyboard" under the DiNovo line.

Of course, this is a survey and all of this stuff is probably not even close to being final, but it's a nice sneak peek into what Logitech could be thinking about doing. See the full specs after the jump.

On location. Transform your notebook into an instant entertainment center with product xxx, a revolutionary cordless controller that seamlessly integrates a Media Center remote control with a mini-keyboard and touchpad. There's no limit to what you can do - compose email, watch a DVD, search YouTube™ for clips, or play your favorite tunes - all from the comfort of your couch. Simply connect product xxx to your notebook and use it to orchestrate the Microsoft Vista™ Media Center experience - frequent visits to your notebook not required. Stylish and slim, product xxx fits any home décor. And Bluetooth™ wireless ensures seamless connection from up to 30 feet. Advanced Li-ion batteries mean more hours of trouble-free operations.

Bullet Points:
Bluetooth wireless ensures a "bulletproof" connection from up to 30 feet.
A protective sheath for storage and transport.
Backlit mini-keypad with a straight/ standard key layout and thumb-style text entry.
A touchpad that simplifies navigation and control.
Designed specifically for Microsoft Vistaâ„¢ Media Center.
A complete set of dedicated Media Center controls.
A rechargeable Li-ion battery.
Compact, slim profile
Backlighting that changes color depending on the active mode (i.e. green for Media Center; orange for PC).

Thanks Tipster!

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