Uncle Milton R/C Tarantula

tarantula_240x206.jpgSince being bitten by radioactive spiders, the Gizmodo staff is in no way fearful of arachnids. At all. Dropping one of these remote control tarantulas into a Gizmodo party would specifically not cause anyone to wet their pants (which may or may not be housing expensive test electronics, so be careful anyway).

For $25 we recommend using Uncle Milton to pull pranks on others—like those who are pregnant and/or have heart conditions and propensity for seizures. It also helps if they are under 4 1/2 feet tall.

Hit the jump for a video we found that may or may not be of this product.

Sorry to those who thought that the jump video would be a campy, 50s, giant tarantula horror flick.

Product Page [via crave]

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