Ultimate Intel Santa Rosa Launch Guide

Ultimate Intel Santa Rosa Launch Guide

Painting_Santa_Rosa_Intel.jpgOK, you’ve heard way too much about Intel’s new chipset today. But do you ever think about tomorrow? What if you suddenly really want to know about Santa Rosa then? Don’t laugh. One day, soon, Santa Rosa will pop back into your head, and you will want the facts. Fast. Well, guess what? They’re all here in this post.

We start you off with the importance of being rosy, that is, everything you needed to know about Santa Rosa. If you did your homework, you know that the Mobile 965 chipset has an 800MHz front side bus with better power management, graphics jacked to 500MHz that can handle the Vista Aero experience and score a 95 on the really tough Silicon Optix HQV display test. You also know that the chipset supports Intel Turbo memory”optional NAND flash that boosts performance when DDR2 RAM is in short supply”and that it’s got the Draft-N wireless, for disturbingly high-quality streaming video.

We showed you our favorite notebooks, and singled a few out:

“¢The Sony Vaio FZ, which looks suspiciously like it was once touched by Jonathan Ive (only it burns Blu-ray discs)

“¢The Lenovo T61, which almost but didn’t quite end up in the ring with Lady Deathstrike (we still don’t know who would win)

“¢The hunka hunka HD DVD burnin’ Toshiba love known as the Qosmio G40 with its elephantine HD antenna

“¢And the dragon lady herself, the belle of the ball (if you’re a gamer):
HP’s 20-inch HDX
20-inch statement of power, performance and largess (or maybe that’s largeness).

When Louis and I stopped by the Intel launch event in NYC, we got our mitts on some pretty sweet laptops, and talked shop with some Intel wizards”no, there won’t be a Viiv-branded notebook, but there might be some new Viiv compatibility around the corner, and what’s that we heard about a certain Korean manufacturer making a dual-disc Blu-ray HD-DVD drive for laptops?

We even stumbled on a few pretenders, desktop systems that run on the new Santa Rosa chipset. Small, cute and aimed to be servers for apartment dwellers, they might even have N wireless, but don’t call them Centrinos!

In the world of Santa Rosa, we covered it all, even something we couldn’t quite pin down: where is that Santa Rosa MacBook? I guess you’ll have to keep reading Giz to find out.

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