Twirling Towers, Get Dizzy and Generate Power

windscraper1.jpgArchitect, David Fisher, has envisioned a new tower that includes one part wind turbines and one part independently motorized floors. Together they create a spinning generator of doom.

The tower is based around a concrete center core and then each floor will be placed one on top of another (like a sandwich). This format will allow every level to have its very own wind turbine. When all of the turbines are harnessed together the tower will not only be able to power itself, but up to ten other similarly sized ones as well. Darn, I thought Captain Planet was going to show up.

Jump ahead to see a fun fanciful choreographed video of the proposed tower.

Look for the first of its kind to start production in Dubai within six months. But if that's too far for you American's Chicago is looking into one as well.

Twirling Tower Could Power Itself, Ten Others [EcoGeek]

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