TwiLight Ultra Blue Light Sleep Therapy System Lights Your Way to Cloud Cuckoo Land

twilight-sleep.jpgMaybe it doesn't really cost $2300 to get yourself a light that will jerk around your circadian rhythms. Now Verilux is rolling out its $89.95 TwiLight Ultra Blue Light Sleep Therapy System, which purports to do the same thing: improve your sleep patterns.

Hey, it must work—the company says it's based on research done by NASA, which plans to use this idea on the mission to Mars, if that ever happens. You set its timer for 30 minutes in the evening (it's not clear whether this means as you go to sleep or any time at night), and somehow it magically resets your internal clock. Turn the 12-inch-tall light on again in the morning and it also regulates the morning side of your circadian rhythm.

This all sounds well and good until you read the disclaimer:

"Verilux, Inc. does not make any medical claims. These units are designed as lifestyle enhancement systems. They are not medical devices. Please consult a qualified physician before using a blue light system."

Lifestyle enhancement? Phooey. If we were insomniacs, we'd be looking around for one of those Sleep On Demand machines.

Product Page [Verilux, via Popgadget]

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