Treo 755 Hands On with Sprint EVDO, Palm OS, and Google Maps


Here's the deal on the Palm Treo 755: It's a 750 generation variant, running on Palm OS and Sprint instead of Windows Mobile and AT&T/Cingular/Whatever. That means its got that Sprint EVDO we know and love, even if it is at slightly slower Revision 0 speeds of 400-600 kilobits/sec.

On the hardware side of things, the phone has an Intel Xscale 312MHz proc, 128MB or RAM, and a 320x320 screen (instead of the Samsung 300MHz chip and the 240x240 screen of the Treo 750), and will come in blue and dark red in that silky velvechron finish I can't stop manhandling. On the software side of things, Palm's shipped the phone with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Bejeweled, IM for AIM, Yahoo! and MSN, and some unique Google Map integration.

Google Maps tweaks are...

address book integration. Basically, you can click the "Map" button on a contact entry with an address inside, and awaaaaay you go to Google Maps. From there, you can route to and from the address with a few more keystrokes. The Google Maps implentation does a good job of using the EVDO speed to update the map's data. And it shows the traffic compatible software. A shame they don't put GPS in this guy. (Real like the Nokia N95 or fake like the Helio and Verizon phones.)

Available for $280, middle of May, with one of those two-year ball & chains.
Pretty lucky that Palm lovers get the OS of choice attached to my favorite cellular data network.


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