Traveler 515 Laser Mouse with Flip 3D Button Gives You an Excuse to Actually Use Flip 3D


If you've been dying to use Windows Vista's stacktastic Expose killer (or not) Flip 3D but stretching your fingers from the Windows key to tab is too much effort for your slackass, then the Traveler 515 Laser mouse might be your ticket to supreme Vista bliss (or not). It sports a dedicated Flip 3D button, as well as one for smart IE search, running whatever's highlighted through your default IE search engine.

Everything else is pretty standard: "hyper-speed turbo scroll," 1600/800 dpi, and ambidexterity for lefties and righties. No price, but since I use Alt+Tab and Firefox, and "hyper-speed turbo scroll" actually sounds a little scary, I'll stick with my MX 500.

Product Page [Genius via Computerworld]

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