Topo 3D Ceiling Transforms Ordinary Room to Cloud 9


We're armchair architects, and that's why these Topo 3D ceiling tiles from USG caught our enthusiastic attention. By simply hanging these molded panels from their suspension system attached to the ceiling, they give you a special Frank Gehry look that gives any room an undulating cloud-like atmosphere. The panels are available in either 8-inch or 12-inch depths, and can be either translucent or opaque, so you can either hide lights behind them for that special glowing look, or you can even have fluorescent tubes protruding from them as you see in this unusual picture.

Being fans of innovative architecture, it never ceases to amaze us how important a ceiling can be in the overall feeling of a room. Trick out a ceiling with a soffit and rope lights, and you have yourself an entirely different ambiance in a room. Since the USG site says these panels are easy to install, we're tempted to give them a try, but there's no pricing mentioned, so that worries us a bit. But still, what a unique look!

Product Page [USG, via The Uber Review]

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