Topcon GR3 GPS Receiver: The Mr T of Navigation?


The Topcon GR3 looks more like a heavy-duty flashlight than a GPS receiver. It looks like the kind of tool that Bruce Willis would use in one of the Die Hard movies to bop the bad guy over the head - or Ashton Kutcher if he's being a cheeky beggar. Really a tool for surveyors who need pinpoint accuracy - it uses 36 satellites to give you results down to the last milimeter - the GR3 is built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. It has just won a prestigious award in Germany (making it more like David Hasselhoff than Mr T, perhaps) for design. But it's expensive: you won't get any change out of $22,000.

Topcon GR3 GPS receiver gets design award [Navigadget]

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