To The L33t: Wii/Gamecube Coding Contest


We usually don't post coding contests, but this one was too tasty to resist. Programmers, start your engine...err...USB lava lamps. DCEmu is throwing a coding contest for the Nintendo Wii and Gamecube platforms. As to exactly what you design, that much is fairly open-ended.

Entries can be Emulators, Homebrew Games, Demos or Applications that work directly on the Gamecube/Nintendo Wii.

Winners receive up to $300 in gift certificates to be used at the Gp2x (Linux embedded handheld console) store, as well as props from their geeky gaming brethren. Given a disappointing lineup of Wii titles (after the novelty of Wii Sports wears off), I really hope we see some participation and ingenuity in the contest.

Homebrewers getting organized...what is the world coming to? Next thing you know, they'll want us to pay for their work.

Coding Contest [wiinews]

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