This is What We've Become: Woman Pushes Baby on Segway


    just when you think Americans can't get any lazier/fatter.....

    Mom: "Look Honey a new Segway 4X4 !!"
    Kid: "Bloody Hell .. as if this wasn't enough... You Fat lazy scum.. Remind me in the future how you treated me on my pram, and I'll make sure I do the same with your wheelchair !!"

    The last figures I saw put 18% of Australians as obese, so we can hardly sit here and point our fingers at our Yankee brothers.

    As for the fat lazy beotch in the photo...

    Show some respect for weight endowed people please..

    Can you imagine a skinny person designing power steering or cruise control or the double whopper with cheese no, we would all be sitting around on rocks because they make use want to walk if it wasn't for fat people.

    Stupid Americans...

    Don't you know it'd be easier to use a tow cable instead of pushing the pram?

    hmmm... now that looks real safe...

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