The End of the World is Nigh: Cellphone Bed


Do you ever worry that you have been overworking your cellphone? Yes, thought so. And since we're not allowed to send them away on holiday (just think of the chaos an unaccompanied cellphone would provoke on a plane, I'm seeing the movie posters already, dang) then perhaps the least we can do is buy them a bed that they can rest their weary antennae on.

This cellphone bed from Fred Flare is a snip at just $9.99. It comes with a pair of slippers that you can use as a screen cleaner, but the bad news is that it has sold out. Shame. I was going to buy one for every single one of my little gadgets—iPod, memory stick, electric toothbrush—and I was going to line them up and then, just like Snow White, I was going to give them all a good-night kiss before lights-out. And then the nice orderly with the rough bedside manner was going to give me my shots, loosen my straitjacket and lock me in for the night.

Product Page [FredFlare via Crave]

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