Stock-Predicting Robot to Make More Money Than You

johnny5.jpgIf you think you suck at playing the stock market now, wait until you have to compete with an army of stock-predicting robots.

Lehman Brothers is working on a "secret" AI system that they hope will be able to foresee the future of the markets, making the very rich even richer. We aren't just talking about mergers and acquisitions, either; this bot would take into account the emotions of the traders. You know, emotions like greed and vindictiveness. They're hoping it will make trading easier and make the market more stable, but who knows if it'll actually work. But hey, here's hoping it does, as if there's anyone who deserves to catch a break it's the folks on Wall Street. You're the heroes, guys! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

International Herald Tribune [The Raw Feed]

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