Star Wars Celebration IV Gallery

Star Wars Celebration IV Gallery

Those lucky nerfherdin’ laser brains over at IGN Gear are in nerd heaven right now: Star Wars Celebration IV, the franchise’s 30th birthday party, runs through the weekend in LA. Take a look at the gallery below and then jump for details.

In addition to the expected stuff—amazingly overpriced Star Wars figures in their original packaging, plastic sculptures of Leia in her Tatooini bikini, and people dressed like Tusken Raiders right down to the buck-toothed mouthpiece—IGN found some other pretty sweet items. There's some kind of R2-D2 video (pinball?) game, a photo-op with Boba Fett and carbonite-frozen Han (or would you rather kiss a Wookiee?), and a samurai suit of armor, complete with Darth Vader faceplate.

We have not heard any word on whether or not there will be a ceremonial Jar Jar stoning, but best bet if you're going is to leave your rubber Gungan suit at home.

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