Speaker Handbag and Outfit: Share Your Soundtrack with the World

speakerdress.jpgYou're not looking at simply a pair of speakers stuck into a dress and handbag, or the newest iPod accessory. Oh no, you're peering at Yuga, "a set of wearable coping mechanisms designed for urban rhytms [sic] ." The purse purpotedly "helps managing feelings of frustration" while the dress/belt speaker supposedly "deals with attention."

Taking readings from the environment, such as movement and noise, they generate "brief compositions" so that you can "reclaim spontaneous attention and/or interact with the surroundings." Yeah, I'm pretty sure walking down the sidewalk with speakers blaring will provoke some attention. What would you pump through these for your fellow pedestrians to endure?

Concept Page [via CrunchGear]

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