Solar System Chair Has Balls

solarsystemchair.jpgThis is one weird-looking seat, called the Solar System Chair, perhaps because it lets you sit on cushy balls shaped like some of those nutty planets out there. So let's see, your ass is on Uranus while your back rests against Neptune and one arm leans on Mercury while the other is, yeah, well-grounded right here on planet Earth. Too bad they're not properly colored to resemble different planets, unless you want all of them to be models of the planet Mars.

At first we were thinking if you spend $196 on something like this, your head is in Uranus. But wait, as strange as this chair looks, if its orb-shaped cushions are bouncy enough, it might just be comfortable. We'd like to try it, because it would go perfectly with our Outer Space/Palladian Craftsman-style décor, plus we have a lot of space-cadet friends who would immediately insist on sitting in it.

Product Page [Solar System Chair]

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