Sneak Peek at Netgear's Next Skype Phone

netgearskype2.jpgIf you were at all impressed in Netgear's first Skype phone—or maybe even more so if you weren't—you should be intrigued by what Live Digitally (Netgear's guest blogger) managed to capture from Netgear's CEO on a visit of their Digital Lifestyle living room. It's the second generation Netgear Skype phone, and for the most part looks almost exactly like the first.

The CEO says it's smaller, lighter, brighter, has a better UI, longer-lasting battery, and supposedly an easier-to-connect Hotspot interface. Watch, as the CEO bypasses the entirety of their PR dept. and goes and drops a bomb that probably wasn't supposed to be dropped.

Exclusive Pix+Vid: New NETGEAR Skype Wifi Phone [Live Digitally]

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