Sneak Peek at Griffin's Wireless Evolve iPod Speakers


We went rummaging through Griffin's New York HQ yesterday and got some one-on-one time with the sexy new Evolve wireless speaker dock. Here's how it works. You dock your iPod on the Evolve base station and then you can carry the cube-shaped speakers anywhere you want. The speakers last for 10 hours per charge and Griffin says you should get about a 150-foot range with them. We didn't go the full 150 feet, but here's what we found out.

Sound-wise, they're solid. We took them for a walk outside the office and into the hallway. They sounded just as strong and more importantly, the signal never dropped or hiccuped (even though there was a wall in between us). The speakers have 4-inch drivers and you'll be able to buy additional speakers should you want more than two. The system will go for $349 later this summer and from our initial first take, it'll be worth the extra bucks.

We also got to check out the Journi (portable dock) and Amplifi. All three are designed for the iPod, but can also chummy up with your MP3 player of choice (via an aux connection). With the exception of the Evolve (which comes out later this summer) all of them are available now. We'll have a detailed follow-up on the Journi and the Amplifi later. Check out our gallery in the meantime.

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