Slurpr Wi-Fi Box Sucks Up Six Signals for Super Broadband

Slurpr Wi-Fi Box Sucks Up Six Signals for Super Broadband

This porcupine-looking box is call Slurpr, and it’s bristling with electronic gear inside, namely six Wi-Fi interfaces bundled together to make one blasting fast super-broadband connection with nine Ethernet ports for all to enjoy.

You may have noticed multiple Wi-Fi networks showing up when you boot up your laptop, right? Why not use all of them at the same time with the Slurpr? Here’s how it’s done.

The Slurpr’s inventor, a guy from Amsterdam named Boris, calls it a magic box, and for good reason. It’s actually a small PC running Debian Linux, and inside are shoehorned six wireless network interfaces.

It’s running on a 266MHz MIPS CPU, with 64MB of RAM, and Linux is installed on a CompactFlash card. All that compact hardware is said to be supersensitive to Wi-Fi, picking up the six most powerful signals and binding them together, complete with load balancing.

The next step for the Slurpr’s creators is to decide whether they’re going to make the box work with encrypted networks, and to what extent they’ll let it break into password-protected Wi-Fi routers belonging to those who may not want their networks broken into.

Meanwhile, the Slurpr is available for pre-order with a €100 deposit, and when it’s ready to ship, it will cost €999, or about $1342.

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