Sensear Noise-Cancelling Headphones Block Hearing Loss, Not Your Mom Nagging You


These Sensear headphones aim to be the quite the noise-cancelling, speech-enhancing wunderkinds. They're specifically designed to protect against Noise Induced Hearing Loss in high-noise environments (above 85 dBA) while letting you communicate clearly with the people around you.

The setup uses a combo of software and hardware, like a directional multi-microphone system "that is gain selective in the direction of the speaker" while it blocks out sound coming from every other direction. Topping off the package is integrated Bluetooth, letting you answer your cell phone clearly and hands-free.

Obviously, Sensear has big plans for the tech, given the number of additional designs—from chinbands to earbuds—they're showing off. The as-of-yet-unpriced standard headphones drop in September, by which time hopefully they'll come up with a way to selectively block "noise" emanating from say, your boss.

Product Page [via Popgadget]

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