Secret Son of Darth Vader and C-3PO can Rip Your Head Off


This cross between Darth Vader and C-3PO is not really a robot like we told you before, but I bet it can still squash your head like a ripe melon with its air servos. The 220-pound, 6-feet-tall beast with 24 movable parts is really an automaton designed to mimic a protocol droid, which means that is remotely controlled and its functions are pre-determined, much like the automatons you see in DisneyWorld rides. And the rest of us. Still, the design is amazing, as you can see in this new gallery and a new video after the jump.

Type 02 seems to be sleeping at the beginning. Or drunk. In any case, forward the video to the middle to see him in action and talking. The Type 02 is constructed by Buildup, a japanese company that specializes in anime and this kind of automatons.

Company page [Buildup]
Visiting the atelier "of empire"! [Impress Robot Watch]

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