Seagate FreeAgent Pro Portable Hard Drive Review and Gallery

Seagate FreeAgent Pro Portable Hard Drive Review and Gallery

Slickly designed external hard drives are all the rage lately, but we originally scoped out Seagate’s FreeAgent line back at CES. The FreeAgent Go holds up to 160GB and with the included Ceedo virtualization software, you can run apps directly from the drive, which is useful if you’re stuck using a public computer.

What’d we like? It’s small, lightweight and quiet but feels surprisingly sturdy. It looks great and the yellow glow is nice, but if it’s not for you, you can always turn it off. The read/write speed is average, so there’s nothing to complain about there (you can scope out the benchmarks in the gallery). Apps run from the drive generally lag-free.

What we didn’t like:

If you want to run a program from the drive not on Ceedo’s list, it requires the Argo add-on, which is $20. This is made more frustrating by the fact that their site contains out-of-date applications”I want to run Thunderbird 2.0, not 1.5. Installing programs could be more elegant and intuitive. Also, virtualization doesn’t work for Macs. Plus, we’d like (but admittedly don’t need) a Firewire port.

Bottom line: If you’re want a portable, external hard drive that’ll turn heads and run reliably to cart stuff around and don’t might paying a little bit extra, in terms of $ to GB, this isn’t a bad a way to go. Running programs from the drive also works well for the most part, though it could (and should) be improved.

Product Page [Seagate]