ScrewAttack Blows Up One Gaming Console for Each Dallas Mavs Choker

The guys at ScrewAttack, known for their revengeful destruction of numerous gaming consoles such as the Xbox, are really pissed off this year because the Dallas Mavericks are out of the NBA playoffs in the first round. So they've decided to create a "Let's have Handsome Tom blow shit up to make ourselves feel better about the Mavs losing" video. Said the pyro-happy bloggers after they were done, "We had some good explosions and some crappy ones, but the most important thing is that we felt better afterwards."

They take it out on these machines, assigning a vintage gaming console to each of their least favorite Dallas Mavericks basketball players, eliminating their command with extreme prejudice. The horror. Too bad they had to goose it up with some audio sweetening.

Mavs Suck... Time to Mourn [ScrewAttack]Thanks, Craig!

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