SanDisk Sansa Shaker, Easy Enough for a Four-Year-Old

Check out this ponderous video of an unboxing of the little $39 SanDisk Sansa Shaker, an MP3 player for kids that grabs its songs from an SD card. Shaped like a salt shaker, it looks like fun to hold down a button and shake it, making it change its tune. With its built-in speakers, it makes all kinds of fun sound effects, too. It also has two headphone jacks so two kids can listen to it at the same time.

After the jump, watch it being tested by the reviewer's four-year-old son, who seems to really like it!

It's easy enough for a four-year old to figure out, well, with a bit of coaching. Too bad it won't play protected WMA files.

Sandisk Sansa Shaker Unboxing and 1st Look
[Mobility Site]

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