Samsung VRT Washing Machine Destroys Bacteria Very Quietly

Samsung-VRT-Tango-Red-Washe.jpgThe new Samsung VRT front-loading washing machine is powered by the Intel Santa Rosa chipset, sporting a new Core 2 Duo T7300 processor, NVIDIA GeForce graphics, Turbo Memory, Turbo Boost, 802.11n wireless, two HDMI ports, Blu-ray recorder, multitouch-sensitive panoramic screen and runs Mac OS X.

OK, so it's just a washing machine. But a very quiet one because it uses Vibration Reduction Technology to, amazingly enough, reduce vibration from unbalanced loads. You know, like when you put 43 boxer shorts and only one T-shirt in it. Or something like that. According to Samsung, their tests show that it has "the lowest vibration and noise level of the front-loading washers tested" even while running at 1300RPM. More revolutions per minute and prices after the jump.

The 1300RPM is its maximum speed, which is supposed to have better cleaning powers and open worm holes between parallel universes. OK, maybe not the later, but at least it has been designated as Tier 3 on the Energy Star scale (the highest level) and it uses SilverCare technology to remove "odor causing bacteria in cold water without bleach." And that, my friends, is almost as cool as opening worm holes.

The Neat White model will wash $1299 out of your bank account, while the Tango Red, Onyx Blue and Stratus Gray will quietly grab $1399.

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