Rumour: Danger Working on GPS in Sidekicks

An internship job listing over at Danger, Inc. spills the beans about what could be some future GPS integration into Danger's devices—namely, the Sidekicks. Whether that means it's going to be in Sidekick 4's featureset or as a separate add-on for Sidekick 3's, we're still unsure. What we are sure of is that tons of pretty ladies will show up at its unveiling.

For those of you who are interested, the applicable part of the listing is:

In this position you will be working with Danger's experienced Library Team to formalize our Blue Tooth support for serial protocol.

Formalize Java Native Interface APIs for our BT serial support

Get API approval through the API Council

Formalize the Java Native Interface and glue layer for binding the BT serial support as a GPS provider of data

Also, if you are the lucky guy who gets this job, make sure and let us know. :)

Job Listing [Danger via Hiptop 3 via Slashgear]

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