RTX Cooling Glove Cools, in a Different Way

RTX%20Cooling%20Glove.jpgThis is the RTX (Rapid Thermal Exchange) glove. It may look like a kinky fetish toy, but it is actually a pretty unique way to cool the body. It doesn't necessarily cool the body like the way a good fan does, but rather it utilizes the key radiator zone (the hands) and draws out heat from the body core and pushes in cooling through the skin eliminating fatigue and giving a refreshing feeling.

The RTX system has been tested for two years now and the results are pretty promising. While exercising and using the RTX glove, athletes' endurance increased by 25 percent, recovery rate increased by 50 percent and fat oxidation increased by 15 percent. The true question remains, is it as cool as the other side of the pillow?

RTX Cooling Glove Hits the Market [medgadget]

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