RIAA, Viacom, Microsoft and Others Form Galactic Empire Copyright Alliance


It is a period of civil war. Pirate torrents, striking from hidden basements, have plundered the vaults of Hollywood movie studios, the recording industry, and software monoliths, who have now formed the COPYRIGHT ALLIANCE. During the battle, pirates managed to steal copyrighted material as well as the not-so-secret plans of their LOBBYISTS and LEGAL TEAMS, with enough power to lobby and sue an entire planet.

Pursued by the newly formed COPYRIGHT ALLIANCE, composed of 29 entities, such as Viacom, Microsoft, Disney, MPAA and RIAA, pirates raced home aboard their mopeds and bicycles, custodians of cracked copies of Windows Vista and bootlegs of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, looking to save their people and restore freedom software, movies and music to the galaxy.

Backers of stronger copyright laws form lobby group [CNET via Techdirt]

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