BlackBerry Curve Review Roundup

Now that the BlackBerry Curve has been officially announced, you're probably wondering how it is. We've got you covered. Here's a roundup of all the curve reviews on the net.

• Wired Gadget Lab: Kick Ass Media Player in a Well-Rounded Package
• CNET: Though it doesn't bring Wi-Fi or 3G support, the BlackBerry Curve offers a best-of-breed design and a well-rounded set of features to make it an attractive device for consumers and mobile professionals alike.
• Laptop Mag: A sleek smart phone for much more than e-mail, the Curve sports a sharp 2-MP camera and some serious multimedia muscle.
• NYT: Tied for best smartphone with Treo 700p

Sounds like this is one BlackBerry you won't hate your company for making you use.

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