R&B Singer Gets All Sexual, Booted By Verizon Wireless

R&B Singer Gets All Sexual, Booted By Verizon Wireless

Akon_in_PJs.jpgThis is the story of an R&B singer who performed some “simulated sex” on stage with some girl who, though admitted to the club, turned out to be under 18. This is the story of truly angry consumers who lit up VZW’s switchboard with complaints until the carrier cried “Uncle” and dropped the singer from its promotional material, in spite of what I can only imagine is increasing popularity. Here are some thoughts on the subject.

Here are some thoughts:
1) Verizon Wireless should use sex to sell its products, because they aren’t always the sexiest in the mobile phone business on their own. (Yes, the network is important, but it’s not everything.)

2) Both times I’ve seen U2 in concert, Bono was more than happy to slow dance with a PYT on stage. Meanwhile, the Times story points out that some questionable entertainers still do have relationships with the carrier. It’s all PR, rather than a legitimate concern for bad behavior.

3) Jim Morrison was arrested for “simulated sex” on stage in like 1969. When will this stuff stop being “shocking”?

Our sister site Idolator asks the scariest question: “Could the Akon controversy lead to more corporate-sponsor hang-ups?”

All I have to say is, lighten up, America, and enjoy the freakin’ music! And thank your lucky stars Akon didn’t suffer a wardrobe malfunction on top of all this.

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