Quick News: HP In Space and More

Quick News: HP In Space and More

HP won an a contract with NASA worth $5.6 billion dollars. The contract will have HP supplying the U.S. space agency with computers, servers and printers for the next 7 years.

Nintendo set their prediction for the total lifetime Wii sales in North America at 35 million consoles, just shy of the PS2’s total from last generation. Who would have guessed numbers like these for Nintendo during the Gamecube years?

2006 was another record setting year for online ad revenue. It reached almost $17 billion dollars, showing a 35% gain over 2005. Now if only they could actually start making the ads fun or interesting.

Palm’s stock rose 4% yesterday, all because their CFO canceled a speech due to his back going out. However investors thought it was an indication that they were going to be bought out. Looks like the jokes on them.