Quick News: Bunny Porn and More

bunnylove.pngFor those of you who have been trying to keep their computers Microsoft-free by using OpenOffice, be weary of a new macro worm. Upon activation it will automatically start downloading bunny-man porn.

It's not just terrorists that can take down power plants. Faulty networks can too. The Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Tennessee came to a screeching halt due to "excessive use" of the company's Ethernet network. Great—another thing I need to worry about.

Intel has become the latest company to try and "green" itself up. They are going to remove lead from all of their 45 nm processors, and eventually 65 nm processors as well. Kudos, Earth buddy.

They said it couldn't be done, but the trends are saying otherwise. Illegal downloading among kids has shown a decrease. Although most kids that stayed away from illegal downloads were more concerned with downloading a virus rather than facing legal trouble.

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