Quanta Does Or Does Not Have Contract To Make First And/Or Second Gen iPhone

iPhone_2_rumor.jpgThe closer we get to the iPhone's launch (June 11th? June 20th? June 37th?), the more everybody gets excited over the smallest scraps of information pertaining to the Phone of Phones. Today's hot-and-heaviness surrounds the quasi-announcement that Quanta, would-be maker of the OLPC, is also the would-be maker of the iPhone. Initial reports simply focused on the supposed deal, which said Quanta would make the phones starting in September, and followed that with a company source saying that Quanta had not actually made the deal yet. Not enough for some, the speculation began to wander into new territory: that Quanta would not be building the same iPhone that another company, Foxconn, is already allegedly building for the initial product launch, but another phone, one "similar in function to those from Foxconn but with a different outer design to fit different markets." Further baseless speculation wandered in the obvious direction, namely, 3G highspeed wireless connectivity and supersized chunks of flash memory.

What's really happening? Steve only knows. Quanta stock leaps on iPhone order reports [Yahoo News] Quanta reportedly enlisted as second iPhone contract maker [Digitimes via iTWire]

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