Qritek Mouse Has Iris Recognition, Big Brother Not Included (Yet)

qritek-eye-mouse.jpgHere's a mouse for the security-conscious (read: paranoid) from Qritek Japan Co., and this one uses iris recognition to differentiate you from the 6.7 billion other people on this planet. Every time you want to log in to your PC, you just hold this mouse up to your eye, and it compares your unique iris with its preregistered information. It sounds like some kind of science fiction movie.

And the price is in the realm of science fiction, too, because whoever heard of paying $315 for a mouse? But this iris recognition thing is an up-and-coming way to identify individuals, and perhaps someday it'll be used to ID you everywhere, so you won't have to carry credit cards, a driver's license, or any other identification as your life is completely monitored by Big Brother. Maybe a chip embedded in your arm would be better.

Iris recognizing mouse [Plastic Bamboo]

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