Progio Training Companion Tracks Workouts, Lightens Wallet

progio_front.jpgGetting bored with your workouts? The Progio Training Companion has a 320x240 screen that shows you exercise videos, keeps track of your progress, times your workouts, and with its optional Polar Heart Rate Monitor can keep track of your pulse rate.

Once you're done with your workout, it uploads all your performance data to the mother ship, the CompanionWorlds website. That's where you can graphically keep track of your progress and download more workouts that are specifically designed for different areas you'd like to improve.

What's the point of all this, anyway?

According to sports scientists, just walking from one place to another or doing one exercise is not as good as a structured progressive exercise program. Of course, if this company didn't promote "finding the right mix of strength, flexibility, cardio and functional exercises," it wouldn't be selling very many of these $399 devices ($499 with that heart rate monitor) or their accompanying multimedia workout downloads.

Perhaps just the act of spending $500 would be an incentive to stick with an exercise program.

Product Page [CompanionWorlds]

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