Plasmariser Raises That Display Just Like Leno

plasmariser.jpgPlasmariser holds a flat panel TV inside, rising up on command like on the Tonight Show. Now you can roll that TV from room to room, protecting its delicate screen from scratches on the way. Then when you want to watch it, simply plug it in and push a button and it magically rises out of its protective sheath. There's even a voice control option, raising the screen when you yell at it. Now, that's power!

In addition to protecting your screen in transit as you roll it on its four locking wheels, Plasmariser raises it up to a higher level, probably a good thing for corporate boardrooms. Looks like a great toy for the CEO to play with, or for those technophobes who want to hide away all their gear until they're actually using it.

Product Page [DSD Designs, via Oh Gizmo]

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