Plane Clean Air Filter will Bring Out the OCD Sufferer in You

Plane Clean Air Filter will Bring Out the OCD Sufferer in You

The Plane Clean Air Filter is the kind of product that makes me think: “Yay! Great idea,” while at the same time wondering whether I am becoming a little too prissy for my own good. How prissy? And how will this gizmo help me? Find out after the (disinfected) jump.

When I was at college in France, I met a student of Oberlin College who once talked me through her public toilet routine. She would discard the first five sheets of loo roll because someone else’s hands had touched them, then, using another bung of paper, flush immediately. Loo roll would then be stuffed down the loo so that no splashback from the previous occupant sullied her untouched and fragrant skin. Using her well-developed thigh muscles, she would hover above the seat, wipe and then use loo roll to flush after finishing up. Once out of the cubicle, she washed her hands twice with Bacto-cideâ„¢, a caring-looking solution that she carried everywhere before leaving the cubicle. Her chemical warfare suit would only be removed once she was safely back at home. But I digress.

The Plane Clean Air Filter is a simple concept: an FDA-certified filter that you screw onto the air nozzle above your airplane seat that is guaranteed to remove 99.5 per cent of allergens, viruses and bacteria from the plane’s air stream. $US19.99.

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