PC World Publishes Tame "10 Things We Hate About Apple" Story

Everyone was talking late last week about Harry McCracken and his resignation from PC World due to a breach of the editorial/advertising wall. The story, in short, was that Harry wanted to run something called "10 Things We Hate About Apple", and the CEO didn't, because of possibly upsetting advertisers (namely, Apple). Well, PC World ran the story today anyway.

After reading it, we wondered if this was the actual story Harry resigned over—it's quite tame. Complaints about Apple being really secretive, the "i" monicker, lack of Blu-ray, mis-managed hardware like the Puck Mouse or the Toilet Seat iBook, lack of gaming and limited selection has been said and re-said for years. What gives? Was the story de-fanged?

Also, in all the talk last week, there was no mention of a sister article entitled "10 Things We Love About Apple". Was this one thrown together after the fuss in order to both justify the posting of the "hate" article and to soften the blow? We have no idea.

Plus, on the top of both articles there's a link to an editorial note with zero reference to Harry's leaving, the editorial fiddling by the CEO, or any of the controversy itself. They also claim that these pieces were supposed to be "conversation starters" and "not weighty journalism".

In any case, we still wish Harry good luck wherever he ends up next. We also wish the staffers at PC World good luck as well, since it looks like an uphill battle with your new CEO.

10 Things We Hate About Apple [PC World]

10 Things We Love About Apple [PC World]

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