Party Timer Digital Clock Gives a Name to Your Revelry


If you've always had a sneaking suspicion that your parties sucked, here's a device that can measure whether they're lame, the most kick-ass in history, or anywhere in between. It's called a Party Timer Digital Clock, but it's really a decibel meter, measuring noise levels and then showing you nine different degrees of partyosity. Take a look at the next page and see all nine.


Place it on the table or hang it on the wall where everyone can see it, and then challenge your guests to raise the level up to an "Atom Party," making noise louder than 161dB. On second thought, that might seem like fun, but that noise level would probably deafen everyone, louder than the loudest noise you've ever heard. Heck, a jet engine at 100 feet is 140dB, and the loudest possible sound is 194dB. Imagine how the neighbors would feel about that kind of racket.


At the end of the party, the device will show you the average noise level throughout the festivities. This actually seems like a cool idea, but the lowest and highest noise levels aren't actually practical, since there's hardly a room in the world that has 0-to-10dB noise level, nor is there a situation where you're going to be exposed to a noise level much higher than 140dB.

Party Timer digital clock [Gearfuse]

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