Palm Bluetooth Keyboard Might Be Just Big Enough

bluetooth_keyboardpalm.jpgThere's no shortage of Bluetooth keyboards for mobile devices, but this $US100 Palm Bluetooth Keyboard looks like it's big enough for typing while it's still small enough to fold up and pack tightly into your briefcase. It sure as hell looks more usable than that Brando Bluetooth keyboard that's too tiny to get any real work done, and the same goes for the Freedom Mini, too.

This one might actually be practical.

Palm says its two AAA alkaline batteries will last five months, which might be a stretch. What, is that if you're using it once a month? Anyway, it works with Palm's Treo family of devices, and we're glad to see it has full-sized keys including numbers.

Suggestion: If you want to get some real work done, use a laptop. If you must use one of these, just don't be a tool and whip this out onto the table at a restaurant, which we saw happening just the other day. Do people have no manners anymore?

Product Page [Palm Store, via ubergizmo]

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