One Eye Ball is Nothing Like It Sounds

dog_vision.jpg Ever wanted Dog Vision? Nope, me neither. Artist Hung Chi-Penh (whose work can currently be seen at the Virgil de Voldaire gallery in NY) however, has created a helmet that gives you the canine perspective on the world—as well as possible dizziness.

Mr Hung's helmet, shaped like a dog's head, natch, has small LCD displays inside, that are connected to a knee-high tube that looks like an elephant's trunk with a camera at the end. The camera can be controlled either by hand or by moving the body, so you can view the world from different perspectives. So, to recap: knee-high vision; dizziness— sounds more like a Friday night-cocktail-Ad-chums-high heels-dancefloor interface to me.

'One Eye Ball' Gives You a Dog's Perspective of the World [Gearlog]

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