Omelette 1.0 is First Free Apple TV Game, But There's a Catch


Since the Apple TV set-top box does have an operating system on board, it is possible to run games on it, and Omelette 1.0 is the first one created specifically for it. It's a simple puzzle game by some dawg named Canis Lupus where you line up eggs, and as soon as you have three or more of the same color, you have yourself an omelette. Tasty.

There's a catch, though. Find out what that is, and see a screen shot of Omelette 1.0, after the jump.


You must modify your Apple TV to install it, and it's described as a complex procedure. If a few more purdy games like this come along, that might be actually worth doing.

Omelette 1.0 Download [Awkward TV]

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