NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS Gets You Windows Vista Aero For Peanuts


If you're like Adam over at Lifehacker who has a copy of Vista but a graphics card from 1997, nVidia's got you covered. The latest entry-level GeForce 7200 GS is their cheapest standalone graphics card, but still meets the requirements Microsoft's set for running Aero. It's 50% better than integrated graphics cards, which is like saying you're 50% stronger than your infant child—technically true, but nothing worth bragging about.

The card itself will be under $50 but still feature DX9 and 128MB of RAM (possibly less depending on which manufacturer you buy from), which means you'll be able to do at least a little gaming while you hoard your money away like a squirrel with law school loans.

Press Release [nVidia via Slashgear]

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