Nespresso Lattissima Puts Your Milk in a Froth with One Touch


Some people—not necessarily us—would drink a whole lot more lattes and cappuccinos if they weren't such a pain in the ass to make. Nestlé Nespresso and DeLonghi aim to remedy that with Nespresso Lattissima, a machine that does all that milk frothing for you, saving you the trouble with just a single touch.

Impartial onlookers at the machine's unveiling said its results were "amazing," but we have our doubts. It looks like it's a convenience, though, with its auto-clean function and an adjustable cup platform that lets you choose any container size from coffee cup to tall latte glass. Take the jump to see a video of this upcoming machine in action.

Hey, this looks like it could be a versatile and work-saving device. You'll pay dearly for that privilege, though, at $799 for the satin chrome model with the cup warmer, or $699 for a red or black one. Look for both to ship this fall.

Nespresso Lattissima - One Touch Cappuccinos and Lattes [Single Serve Coffee]

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