NEC PaPeRo Mini: Smaller, Smarter Robot Keeps Freaking People Out


Here's PaPeRo again. And this time he comes in a bite-size format. Or better said, in kick-that-ball-mutha-format, since he keeps freaking me out just like his bigger, older brother, by now hopefully dismantled and rotting in some landfill near Osaka.

PaPeRo Mini only measures 179 x 170 x 250 milimeters (9.84 inches high) and weighs 5.5 pounds, but he's smarter than PaPeRo, being built around a module that uses a ARM 9192 CPU and a DSP processor to provide speech recognition, speech synthesis, control of the surrounding area and face recognition.

It's good to see the Japanese increasing the efficiency of their bots but, quite frankly, I'll stick with Kondo. He may look more menacing, but at least he's stupid and talks like the Hulk rather than some smartypants British butler.

Press Release (in Japanese) [NEC via Impress Robot]

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