Stripped Nokias Don’t Show Pink, Still Quite Hot

Stripped Nokias Don’t Show Pink, Still Quite Hot

Mehmet Erkök. The name sounds straight out of a Terry Gilliam movie and so do his customised Nokia phones, which is the sort of retro technology that you could have seen in 12 Monkeys. The orange one could have even made it in Barbarella no, not a Terry Gilliam movie but it has Jane Fonda running around half-naked, like these modded mobiles. Erkök is not a time traveller, though, but a lecturer at the Department of Industrial Product design in the Istanbul Teknik Ôniversitesi, in Turkey. The picture of the blue one after the jump makes me want one. Now.


All I can say is: screw the iPhone. In my book, anything with tinted screens and springs wins.

Extreme Personalisation [Future Perfect via Gadget Lab]