Mysterious Google iPhone Apps Still Unnamed, Still Un-Unveiled


Briar Dudley of the Seattle Times interviewed Glenn Lurie, AT&T President of National Distribution, about the Jesus Phone. The meat of the piece kinda sorta confirms that there are more unannounced iPhone apps, which we kinda sorta heard about during the Q2 earnings call. The Apps, specifically from Google, are presented in the context of justifying the price, and are presumably in addition to Google Maps on the Jesus Phone.

There are other things — you have the widgets, some of the Google applications that are coming — there are just so many things here that the price will not be an issue.

Then he goes on to give a nice little "No Comment" in regards to future subsidies.

Q: One point of skepticism is the price. That BlackJack is pretty nice, and it costs $500 less than an iPhone

A: Here's how I'd explain it. The most popular iPod, a 4-gigabyte Nano, costs $200. If you've got a RIM BlackBerry or Palm Treo, you probably paid $200 minimum. Then you've got a phone that you got for free or paid maybe $50.

You're at $450 or $500. The question you've got to be able to ask yourself is, is this device going to be able to replace those three, so you carry one? That's the question.

In my twisted mind, "No Comment" means "yes, someday". But that's off the record, you dirty bloggers.

So, this is the trick to getting the market to bear more. I've got a great idea. Just put some diamonds on it, and charge $10,000. People can use them for engagement rings.

I think when people get their hands on it and really experience it — the touch screen is phenomenal, this touch screen is like nothing you've ever used — to experience that, the skepticism, I think, around some of those things will go away.

I agree, actually. I also think, as an aside, that it sure is hard making a post out of fluffy nothings. With the launch to come within 5 weeks, we'll know more soon. Today, we dine on Non-News.

Leading the charge on iPhone [Seattle Times]

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