Music Vortex Mixes Music with Water, Sends Ripples Through Your Soul


The Music Vortex's mission is to visualize music using the natural movement of water as it's influenced by sound waves. Its bottom section function like a normal speaker, but check out that little bowl of water on top that vibrates and ripples with the music, all lit up with a spacey blue glow. You adjust the volume on the speaker with a little knob in the middle. What, no remote?

Designed by Eric Zhang, this concept was the bronze prize winner at a Chinese design competition held by speaker manufacturer 3Nod. Maybe the company will take this idea and expand it into a larger scale, perhaps turning it into a swimming pool with a giant subwoofer at the bottom. That might be a good way to experience your music firsthand, and at the same time get sweet revenge on those neighbors with the constantly barking dog.

Music Vortex, Water Speaker [Yanko Design]

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