Multi Meter Does Everything You Could Want

Multi Meter Does Everything You Could Want

As I have become an adult I am turning into a bit of a tool hound and this is something that definitely needs to be added to my box of tricks. This Multi Meter does everything you could want. It is so much you even get it in a bulleted list!

• Locates concealed AC power cables
• Locates concealed metal objects like pipes, nails, screws, cables etc
• Incorporates a Laser Level
• Incorporates a Spirit Level
• Incorporates a ‘white-light’ LED Torch
• Tests Light Bulbs including fluorescent and incandescent bulbs/tubes
• Tests Cartridge Fuses, Diodes, Capacitors, Heating Elements etc
• Locates breaks in an AC power cable
• Checks polarity on two cable (no earth) AC appliances
• Incorporates a ‘self-test’ battery check for added safety and piece of mind

Hell, I don’t even know what a Spirit level is, but I want it. The Multi Meter is available for $36.

Product Page [Via OhGizmo!]